Earn Crypto While You Play: Metacade’s Presale FOMO is Heating Up!

• Metacade is a blockchain-powered gaming platform that aims to be Web3’s top spot for play-to-earn (P2E) games.
• Its ongoing presale has attracted millions in investment, with many analysts predicting significant FOMO in the later stages.
• Players of all skill levels can take advantage of a variety of earning opportunities offered by Metacade, such as sharing reviews and taking part in tournaments.

What is Metacade (MCADE)?

Metacade is a community hub aiming to be Web3’s number-one spot for all things P2E gaming. It’s a platform where gamers, developers, and crypto investors alike come together to explore the latest P2E games, take advantage of multiple earning opportunities, and directly influence the future of blockchain-based gaming. At its simplest, Metacade features everything players could want from a gaming community: reviews, leaderboards, forums, alpha, and regular tournaments. However, Metacade is taking things to the next level by using blockchain technology and crypto to create a Web3-ready experience for gamers across the globe.

Why Has Metacade (MCADE) Been Selling Out in Presale?

Some investors have highlighted the value Metacade offers gamers at every step of their P2E journey. New players can read reviews and game leaderboards to find out which games are worth playing while learning tricks of the trade from more experienced players. More advanced players are able to share their knowledge and opinions on the latest games in return for MCADE tokens and compete in tournaments for a chance to win big prizes.

Unique Features Driving Investment

Metacade has also included several unique features that have driven many to join its presale rounds: Community Rewards – Players gain rewards simply by participating in activities such as reviewing games or competing in tournaments; Metagrants – These grants allow users to earn rewards through developing content within the platform; GameFi – This feature allows gamers to stake their MCADE tokens on specific outcomes within certain games; DeFi integration – Players will be able to access decentralized finance (DeFi) products within their MCADE wallet; NFT Marketplace – Players will be able to trade digital collectibles within an integrated marketplace hosted on Metaverse protocol; Alpha Access – Participating in alpha testing gives users early access to new games before anyone else does; Tournaments & Leaderboards– These competitions let users compare their skills against other competitors around the world for prizes or bragging rights!

Investors Need To Know To Avoid FOMO

With GameFi predicted to take off in 2023 and beyond, many have been looking to invest in crypto projects that could dominate the play-to-earn (P2E) industry – one such project being Metacade. Many analysts predict that the later stages will see significant FOMO and sell out fast so investors should know what they need if they don’t want miss out!


Metacade is positioning itself as go-to community space for play-to-earn with its unique features driving millions into its presale rounds – making it potentially become Web3’s top spot for GameFi with its community led philosophy! With GameFi predicted booming this year onwards – there’s no better time than now for potential investors looking get involved without missing out on any FOMO!